Kaji' Ajpop


We are an association that promotes the generation of conditions for vulnerable communities in the country (especially the Mayan population) to access minimum conditions that help to live a dignified and full life in harmony with Mother Nature.


A multidisciplinary organization with capacity to address the main problems of the Mayan population helping to solve them, guiding and channeling their demands to the corresponding national and international instances, to generate conditions for the good living of the peoples.


The name of the association emerges as inspiration in kaji ’Ajpop, which is the composition of the 4 essential elements of life according to the Mayan worldview.

Water, air, fire and earth are the elements of nature that make up the organic material structures in heaven and earth.


The purpose of the creation of the kaji´Ajpop Association is:

  1. To guarantee the integral health of the peoples in a broad sense for the health of human beings and the conservation of nature.
  2. Access to quality food produced in an organically responsible manner.
  3. Strengthen the social organization, identity and Mayan worldview.
  4. Promote the awareness of the population for the conservation and recovery of the environment that leads us to live in harmony with Mother Earth, for the reconstitution of the good living of the peoples.
  5. Promote the empowerment of women for the pursuit of equal rights and justice.


To achieve our objectives, the association plans to carry out various activities:

  1. Training, courses, workshops and training events.
  2. Defense of human rights prioritizing women, children and youth.
  3. Unify efforts with urban and rural populations, associations and entities to achieve their objectives and proposed goals.
  4. Encourage, promote and promote workshops, seminars to improve mechanisms and technologies for the development of its associates and associates and the population in general.
  5. Celebrate agreements with national and international institutions for the achievement of the proposed purposes.
  6. Channel national and international resources for the integral development of the population and the associates and associates.


  • Permanent community organization for decision making.
  • The work programs are focused to achieve the autonomy of the people.
  • Accompany community organizations and communities in resistance to the current economic model.
  • Strengthen citizen participation in the fulfillment of the obligations of the State, prioritizing the health of the people and the recovery and care of Mother Earth.
  • In our networking, women, indigenous authorities and youth are prioritized.